Transition Management

Transition complex portfolios smoothly with our global trading expertise.

Our transition management team combines risk mitigation techniques and robust project management to design custom solutions for unique portfolios.


Whether changing an asset manager or an investment strategy, asset turnover within an investment portfolio can be risky and expensive.

Quantus Holdings Strategies transition management team combines risk mitigation and project management along with global trading expertise to help you navigate through the process of change. We’ll help you implement large and complex changes to your portfolio with ease and confidence in today’s fast moving markets.

From start to finish, we will work closely with you to design a custom strategy for your portfolio. Receive deeper insights into the process – from pre-trade to post-trade – with our transparent reporting. Plus, get easy access to local expertise with our strategically located trading desks in Chicago, Hong Kong, London and Sydney.


Achieve a smooth and transparent transition of your portfolio, by relying on our 30+ years’ experience in managing transitions.

Focus on your core objectives. We’ll handle the details – from liaising with appropriate stakeholders to attending to administrative tasks, through a clear and auditable process.


Minimize the effect of change on your portfolio with our customized trading strategies. Our consultative approach takes into consideration your priorities as well as the broader landscape of asset liquidity and potential sources of risk.

Find the customized solution that’s right for you by leveraging our capital markets solutions and working closely with a dedicated team of industry specialists.


Control potential risks and associated costs while implementing your portfolio asset allocation with our expert risk mitigation techniques. Monitor expenses throughout the event through using our detailed cost analysis reports. Our experience in trading multiple asset classes will help you minimize the effects of:

  • Exposure risk – by preventing incorrect asset classes or unwanted cash exposure
  • Execution risk – associated with transacting in the market, for example, through information leakage or counterparty risk
  • Operational risk – by assigning a portfolio manager to each milestone event, we anticipate and manage risks inherent with portfolio set-up, settlement and coordination of all parties
  • Process risk – by ensuring accountability with a clearly defined project management process

Quantus Holdings Strategies heritage of risk management is built into our executions. We handle large, complex transitions with full transparency while minimizing risk and cost.


Keep a close watch on every aspect of your transition through our suite of transparent reports that include detailed timelines, participant checklists, pre- and post-trade analysis, and daily updates. Additionally, we can complete documentation on your behalf to help ensure required accounts are open and available at the appropriate times.

Receive full oversight of your transition from start to finish. Our service is reinforced by clear lines of responsibility and managerial oversight.


You can count on us for the long term. Quantus Holdings Strategies is committed to transition management by continuously investing in our technology, our capabilities and our people.

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